Monday, January 6, 2014

~Monday Stuff~

A new week.

Boys went back to school today. Husband back to work . . . not that he hadn't been there prior to the weekend. 

I sat in my chair with a hot cup of coffee and cream, wrapped in my blanket and warm cat on my lap, waved them all off and rejoiced in a quiet house. Quiet, but COLD! The sun we had last week has turned back to the usual Pacific Northwest grey and the forecast is calling for lots of rain and freezing temps. I say if it's gonna get this cold, it better just snow. Which it won't . . . sigh. :(

I spent a good part of my morning applying for health insurance online . . . and had to come to a halt when I needed to supply info. that the Husband is unable to find. I'm sure it will turn up, but it was a disappointment to not just get it finished. I hate doing that kinda stuff and don't want it hanging over my head, you know?

I've been working on some little felties lately . . . the one above was delivered to my Grammie just today as a belated birthday gift. When you are very ill for three months, you end up with a lot of belated birthdays! So currently, I'm working on another for a dear friend who celebrated her birthday last October- the day after the Oldest turned 14. Yes, I missed my Oldest son's birthday too! But he got a football- I don't think a stuffed felt animal would have worked. ;) 

Here's to another Monday and a fresh week ahead . . .



  1. Well, it's not cold compared to here! We have a wind chill warning of -30 to -40C, in a howling blizzard. Enjoy your rain!

  2. Oh! I love the bunny! Makes one think of spring! This morning our low temperature when we awoke was two degrees with a wind chill of -15!

  3. I love your dear feltie!

    I'm excited to experience a quiet house again. We are on day three of cancelled school and an extended winter break. My hubby is even working from home today which makes me feel like I need to tiptoe around the house. He was on vacation starting a week before school got out so I've not had that special feeling of complete quiet in the house in almost month. I'm craving it!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Those are really cute!


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