Saturday, January 18, 2014

~Kitty ~ Corner~

It was a good, but busy week. Good, because after three months of illness I am once again able to drive . . . busy, because after three months of illness I am once again able to drive!

Took the Oldest to the bank to open his first bank account . . . ran lots of long-put-off-errands . . . met with girlfriends to plan another friend's bridal shower. . . ran all over town looking for supplies for invitations . . . picked up the Youngest from school each day as well as constant post office runs after reopening my Ebay shop. After all those weeks pining after freedom from the house I am so ready to never leave it again! Or at least not for a couple days . . .  
I did manage to get a little kitty love in with this fluffy guy and his brother. There's always time for a furry lap warmer in the winter. In fact, a cat on the lap is a good excuse not to get up for awhile. They make you to a rest.

And as far as furry friends go, this week I also managed to finish up this felty for a dear friend's very belated birthday . . .
I had fun designing him and adding some details . . . who doesn't want a kitty with 'hi' on their behind? It's a lot nicer that some of the stuff my living/breathing fur-balls have brought home on their behinds. ;)
Anyway, I hope she likes him!

Also wanted to share a little corner of my home. I thought it was pretty bathed in a quick moment of sunlight earlier this week.

And then there are these two handsome boys to make it shine as well.

And my small collection of vintage brown transferware. The dainty little creamer was a gift from a sweet friend. Isn't it lovely all lit up with sunshine?

And speaking of sun, we were lucky enough to have a sun-filled, dry Saturday today. The Husband and the Youngest did some tidying up in the garden while I did some well overdue dusting/cleaning/picking up in the house. And the Oldest spent the whole day at a videogame convention. *sigh*

At least we will all be together tomorrow for sure. . . in front of the tv, eating artichoke dip while sweating bullets and shouting at the top of our lungs. Yes, there's football tomorrow! Go Hawks! :)



  1. So glad to hear your are feeling much better but remember not to over do it x
    Cute little kitty and very handsome boys!
    enjoy the game!
    love Jooles x x x

  2. so happy to see that creamer! it is so pretty!! and it looks so good with your other transferware. :) yay!! :)

  3. Hello! Have fun watching the game. It is on at our house too.


  4. Glad you're back to having some freedom!

  5. Enjoy your freedom.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  6. How wonderful that you're feeling better; great news! Just don't overdo it, take it a bit easy and get back in the swing of things gradually.


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