Saturday, May 18, 2013

~Last Weekend~

 The house was cleaned from bottom to top.

And decorations were hung.

Back in '99 The Husband, myself and The Oldest (in utero) moved here to our present city of residence for the sole purpose of furthering The Husband's education. But, as it so often does, life took over . . .

Now fourteen years, two children, two homes and multiple jobs later, he has finally finished his four year degree. 
He now has his Bachelor of Science Degree. 
His B.S. 
And let me tell you, this man is full of it. ;)

But seriously, there is so much to be said for finishing- Though, I am convinced that no kid four years out of high school with the same degree has an education equal to that of a grown man with half-grown children and life experience on his side. There is so much richness added with every passing year. And that richness doesn't come from text books. 

We spent the weekend partying hard! There was a graduation ceremony we all tried to stay awake through. A late late night with friends and family at a local Portland pub. And lots of time spent with the Husband's side of the family. . .

 Our niece. (crunching the Oldest in a bear hug- LOVE this picture!)

His dad.

His sister.

And his mom. (pictured here with our smirky Youngest)
They all came to stay and celebrate with us.

We spent the rest of the weekend out and about . . . visited the farmer's market in town, went out to lunch at Red Robin, played frisbee in the park, had ice cream at Dairy Queen and drank amazing home-made margaritas.

And this cutie and her Aunt Jennie had lots of fun together as well!
There was swinging in the garden, reading Brambly Hedge cozy on the the couch and lots of 'My Little Pony' make-overs and matrimony. A crash course in life with a six-year-old girl and I loved every minute of it!

It was a fun but very packed weekend- I've spent all this past week just trying to recover from it. But we memorialized something important to our family and that was worth every second!


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  1. Congratulations to your clever husband!
    Sounds like a fabulous but very busy weekend, I'm not surprised it took a while to recover from it!
    and i am very glad to see and hear that you had some lovely girly time too x
    love jooles xxx


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