Friday, May 3, 2013

~All Sorts of Good Things~

Busy week. 
Blessed week.

Sweet treasure from Germany came to my door.

Including a hand-soldered arrow.

Intricate die-cuts-

and a beautiful soldered heart charm.

Poppies . . .

have been popping up.

And my orchid is bursting into bloom.

 Family walks have been taken.

This particular walk was taken last Sunday along Salmon Creek.
Isn't it a beautiful spot? I feel so fortunate to live in such a gorgeous area. . . it's like having Hobbiton in our backyard.

And then the Youngest snatched my camera . . .
  as usual. 
These are the best of the photos he took . . . out of many. MANY!

I'll spare us all the close-up he took of my zit.
He thinks it's hilarious that I get them. And he wants to document it.
Ha. Ha. Just you wait.

And there's the culprit below.

 Other good things . . .

Flowers from the Husband.

Lots of help with the ironing pile.

And always time for cuddling.
And just yesterday an unexpected package came with a new top (among other goodies) from my Grammie.

The week was also full of other good things . . . a night out with friends, time in the garden, some painting, embroidering and watching my Oldest son in the school play.

Yes indeed- another week to count my blessings. 



  1. i love that new shirt you got! its so cute. and you look so cute with your hair that way, too! :) pretty girl!

  2. a thoroughly enjoyable post...counting your blessings indeed! good for you!


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