Friday, April 12, 2013

~Finally Back At It~

 Greetings and salutations!
I am finally back after a much unanticipated blogging break.

As mentioned in the last post- (and a huge thank you to those of you who left a comment for The Youngest- they absolutely made his day!) -I managed to throw my back out pretty badly back in mid-March. Well straight after that I spent the next two weeks with some awful virus and then the very next week was Spring Break madness.

In other words, my life got shook up and spit out and truthfully, I spent most of it looking exactly like that feline below! 
(okay, minus the collar).
Have you ever seen anything so pathetic? Don't feel too badly for him though. He had only a simple little surgery to drain a nasty abscess on his leg and other than him being so drugged up from it that when he got home he ran into every wall and doorway for the first six hours (SO hilarious), he really was just fine.
Okay, he was fine besides that and the little fact that he couldn't go outside for TWO WEEKS! 
I know that some cats are perfectly happy to stay indoors, but -not! this! cat! 
To be fair, he really was very good the first week or so. He spent most of his time lying in strategic places so that he could be adored/pitied as much as possible. But even that grew old. 
By the last four days he was being SO BAD we were pulling our hair out! -scratching everything in sight, jumping on counters and even our heads, attacking our body parts as we went by- he even shredded that stunning blue collar he was forced to wear!-all so we would just throw. him. out!
Let me tell you he is lucky he's so dang cute or I don't know what we may have ended up doing to him! Needless to say, it was with great joy that we finally threw him outside just this last Monday. 
For all of us, a very happy way to start the week! Actually, it was an extra glad day around here because it was also the final day we had to let our new refinished hallway floor cur! - But more on that to come! ;)

Anyway, now he is just fine and dandy, as you can see from this shot I snapped this morning.
 Fine, but still mischievousness.
(I love this tail shot!

 I am very very happy to be back in this space one more. It was fun to finally be updating everything for Spring and as I have so much to share from all those missed weeks, I will be back very soon with new posts to get everything all up to date!

Have a lovely weekend!


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