Monday, November 26, 2012

~Bits from the Weekend~

We had a relaxing, sun-filled weekend. Went for lots of walks- one of which ends with horse friends. Played lots of pinball on Husband's ipad. Just hung around, trying hard to recuperate after Thanksgiving. We had our friend from Belgium staying with us- it was his first Thanksgiving. It went well . . . he brought LOTS of chocolate. I personally think it should be a new tradition. ;)

Then, yesterday afternoon, my camera died- as in DEAD. I suppose seven-year old cameras do that. But thanks to the Thanksgiving sales and some money I'd earned, I was able to get a NEW ONE!!!!!!! I've been having a blast figuring it all out. Went from 5 megapixels to 16 . . . and the camera itself is so light!! Modern technology is amazing (says the girl who is forever behind) ;)

So the above pictures are from the old camera right before it was laid to rest . . .
And below is from the my new addition- this afternoon in the garden.

I still have a ton to figure out . . . but the practice is the fun part!
(Except for my family who now run when they see me coming with my new baby- I need to get sneakier!)


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