Thursday, November 8, 2012

~All the Autumn's Joys~

 Yesterday morning we woke to soft November light filtering into the house. 

The entire living and dining area were mellowing in a sunshine bath.
I found Quinn on his rocking chair enjoying a bath of his own.

I already love my humble little home so very much, but awash in sunlight . . . ?
-In these moments there is simply no place I could love more.

Now to get up close and personal with my mantle.

-My mantle is my favorite part of the whole room . . . along with the built-in's, the fireplace, the window seat, the wood floors and all the old trim of course ;)

Pumpkin and glittery acorn shrouded in vines and berries . . .

silver candlesticks and autumnal candles . . .

and my favorite salt and pepper shakers ever- silver sunflowers.

Here's a peek at a mini autumnal bunting I created last week.
I really needed a simple creative project to keep my going.
(I haven't been painting or crafting since last spring!)

I love it draped along my pewter serving dish.

We were fortunate enough to have the sun shining nearly all day.
The Youngest, Husband and I spent awhile cutting back and tidying up.

The tree above is our Empress Tree- she grows amazingly fast- as in four feet a year or more.
She also drops some pretty enormous leaves.
It's the Youngest's chore to pick them up- raking is out of the question.

So we had a pleasant hour out in the garden-
the Youngest chattering away non-stop while leaf gathering, and me on the kneeling pad cutting back the endless lemon balm and rotting daisies.

Husband picked up some wood for us and stacked it away in the garage. 
There is a nice, tall wall of logs there now and that fresh-chopped-wood smell to accompany it.
I love the feeling I get when I walk in and see it there- 
I'm so grateful to know these will help keep us warm and snug as the days get cooler and cooler.

We topped off the day with Beef Ale Stew and Green Onion Dumplings for dinner . . . 
and a hot, snapping fire to boot.

What a gift it is to have these busy Autumn days. What satisfaction their simplicity brings.
Regardless of all the technology and politics and social media much has not changed.
We still need fresh air, exercise, a bit of earth, a warm home, good food and others to share it all with.

Really . . . I am grateful to have all I need.



  1. A beautiful post x your home is so cosy and looks so comforting and gosh i LOVE your matel, just so pretty.
    WOW what a leaf!
    love jooles x

  2. Your home looks so beautiful! I love bungalows - they have this really cute charm to them.
    Also that is one BIG leaf.

  3. Such a lovely place! It sounds like you had a good time outside!

  4. that little bunting you made is darling! :) i love it. so happy to see that you're happy, and enjoying your home and your family. :) hugs, lora

  5. Wintering in is a cozy feeling! We had our first snow last night... winter is closing in. Time for a fire!

  6. A cozy post! I actually get better light in my house during Autumn because all the leaves aren't blocking the sun!

  7. Your mantle is just lovely!
    Someday I hope to have a mantle, I have so many decorating ideas in store for one:)
    So happy that you are having such a cozy autumn!


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