Thursday, November 1, 2012

~All the Autumn's Joys~ November

Happy November~

It hardly seems possible another month has already slipped by.
When we have breaks of sunshine, it comes into the house as a warm glow and outside it illuminates the tree tops while the sky remains dark beyond- it looks more like a stage backdrop with complex lighting then the real world outside my window.

I've been spending plenty of time looking out the window for the last 24 hours due to my back putting me out of commission. But after another chiropractor appointment tomorrow I am hoping the worst will be past and I can get back at it. At least today I can type again- yesterday I couldn't even make it to the chair!

Fortunately we had done some carving previous to my back's issues, so the results were still enjoyed yesterday. This cute little guy is what the Husband came up with.

And the oldest carved this . . .

And the Youngest insisted on this design, but (surprise, surprise) it was actually Mom that ended up doing the intricate and torturous carving while he looked on and gave support. I swear carving this insanely thick gourd had everything something to do with where my back is now. Just a possibility mind you.

And here is the instigator of the kitty pumpkin himself . . .

 He is forgiven for his over-achieving-pumpkin-needs just by being so stinkin' cute in his costume.
(and the minute he heard his father and I exclaiming over how suave he looked with the 'stach he couldn't pass a mirror without checking himself out and constantly worrying over the possibility of smearing it)

And then there is the Oldest . . .

What thirteen year old wouldn't want to be a homeless man?

Hard to believe, but his father collaborated with him on the sign. Fortunately no one took him up on his first request (much to Husband's disappointment).

I'm simply trying to cope with the fact that he used the wrong form of 'to' at the end- I guess that's what happens when you spend eight years of your life homeschooling. ;)

As we welcome November tonight by baking soul cakes (see this post for the scoop on that) we are also continuing to pray for all our countrymen on the east coast . . . without power, without homes, without food.
Our family still needs to have a conversation around what we can to do help out- but regardless of how 'big or small' anyone's help is, let's all do whatever we can to make this new month one full of praise and thanksgiving for all those left to live with such loss.



  1. Even before reading whose pumpkin it was, I knew it was Asher's 'cause of KITTIES! So, has Asher asked you to draw him a 'stash today? Because he IS really cute with one! And Jonas, yet AGAIN, makes a great old man! I am so impressed with the pumpkin carving - that took a lot of work!

  2. Love the pumpkins and the costumes!
    So much fun!


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