Monday, October 1, 2012

~Welcome to October~

Hello my friends!

Yes, indeed, it has been much too long since I've had the pleasure of being in this place . . .
There is so much to share; so much to say!
But just 'redecorating' my blog for autumn (can you believe it's autumn?) has taken all I can muster for the moment-
but I will certainly be back soon to catch up and share where life has taken me these past four months.

Meanwhile- thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have so kindly reached out and said 'hello' in my absence- Your emails and prayers have meant more than you could know. :)
 I've missed you all and am looking forward to catching up with you soon!



  1. Yah! Hey, Friend!
    Good to hear from you and I am loving the new autumn blog look:)

  2. Happy Autumn Jenniffer....glad to hear you are doing o.k... :0)


  3. Love the patchwork, Jenniffer. Welcome back!

  4. glad you're back. i've missed your blog!!! :)


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