Thursday, October 11, 2012

~All the Autumn's Joys~ The Pumpkin Patch

Fall has really arrived this week.

It's that time of year that brings
long shadows
blue skies
dry fields

And to celebrate all those lovely bits of Fall (my most favorite of seasons),
 I wanted to bring back the Fall Series I began last year 
"All the Autumn's Joys"
You can read about my heart behind it HERE.

I am so very excited to finally be back in this space, getting to share my 
love and appreciation of all the seasons!

So, to start things off let's head out to the local pumpkin patch!

My little family lives literally a bridge drive away from the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.
And  every year- rain, shine, mud and more mud- we faithfully head out to Sauvie Island-
only a stone's throw from the city and fantastically beautiful and bucolic.

This year we have had one of our driest summer/falls on record
so there was no mud in sight . . .
just sun and shadows, a gentle wind, hazy skies and 
that pungent nip in the air that whispers Autumn's arrival.

So after a hayride out to the fields,
the perfect pumpkin hunt was on . . . 

the Oldest found his right off the bat . . .
and had to lug it around while the rest of us carefully traversed the fields, 
each with a longed for specimen in mind.

                                            Then Husband found his.

And I found mine
(don't you LOVE the curly tendrils of vine?!)

And after three or four possibilities,
the Youngest decided on his.

Waiting for the hayride back, 
the Oldest was given the opportunity to play photographer for a group of friends-
 call it geeky (as he would)
but I got a kick out of taking a picture of him taking a picture.

The ride back.
                         And a look I am now so familiar with I don't even blink. 
                                 Can we say "almost thirteen"?

My three men waiting in line for pumpkins to be weighed.
(I love this photo- it's so them)

Fields of flowers at the farm to enjoy. . .

and caramel apples
and kettle corn
and a pint of porter to boot.

As the sun sank we said goodbye for another year . . .

And headed home 
to a pot roast and gravy straight from the good old crockpot.
                         Some days skip along just as we intend them to 
                            with rich beauty thrown in for good measure.

Another year, another visit to 'the patch'-
another "Autumn Joy" we could not do without.



  1. what gorgeous photographs! I love Sauvie Island and miss the days we used to go there. Do they still have the Wintering In festival at that old farm house?

  2. wow! two posts in one week! i am so happy you're back to blogging. i've missed your little corner on the web. :) love you friend!! lora

  3. What a beautiful family outing!
    I think its so fun that everyone got a pumpkin (but I do like the curly's on yours the best:)
    So glad that you all got to get out and enjoy some autumn-ish activities.


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