Saturday, October 20, 2012

~All the Autumn's Joys~ Peeking Out the Window

The boys are both gone for the weekend. The fur-boys are still home with us. October's weather is hard at work bringing us sun and rain and sun again.

Husband and I took a long walk down to the river this morning. The clouds made a thick ceiling overhead and then the sun broke through and lit up the changing leaves. We got gloriously overheated in our sweats.

Grabbed some coffee and not fifteen minutes later those dark clouds rolled in and we found ourselves glad of the umbrella about five blocks from home. Into the cold house, turned on the heat . . . and now that October sky is vivid blue and the sunshine is insisting it's been here all along.

Whether rain, clouds, sun or snow- Have a lovely Autumn Weekend wherever you may go!



  1. It's been off and on again Rain here for the past couple of days. Sun on days I work - rain on the others - Crossing my fingers for a bright blue sky and crisp air tomorrow. Hope your walk was pleasant ♥

  2. the tree in that second photo is GORGEOUS! wow. i love fall!! glad you've had a nice weekend home with the hubby. :)

  3. what a beautiful post x
    we are off for an autumn walk later
    love jooles x


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