Friday, April 27, 2012

~From Inspiration to Actualization~

 (or in other words 'a miracle')

It all started about four years ago . . .

I found this little slice of heaven in a magazine (can't recall which one).
Promptly I cut it out,
added it to my notes and tucked it away; 
vowing some day I too would have a darling plate rack to cozy up my kitchen.

And so (a lot of) time passed . . . and I would glance at this little picture here and there, 
still dreaming of filling in the dead space over my microwave with charm.

Now fast-forward to two weeks ago- 
when I finally got around to the April issue of Country Living and saw this:

But this time I didn't just rip out the picture I found so inspiring, no-
I actually did something about it!

But, before I show you what I finally did . . . I need to show you the second half of my inspiration:
my kitchen crock.
 This is one of my most favorite things in my kitchen (and believe me, as my kitchen dates back to 1982, there is precious little in there I really like).
Anyway, I found this beauty five or six years ago at an antique store and fell in love. It's an old crock that someone had actually hand carved a wooden lid for and added a lovely glass handle. The color sealed the deal for me . . . I am a green girl, and in my mind this color says "1930's Happy Green"-
and so, this treasure has sat on my counter, hiding my ugly vitamin bottles in something happy & green.

So . . .
What do you get when you add magazine inspiration to vintage crockery?

Well, for one, a few days spent on the kitchen floor with hammer, nails, wood, paint and 'help'-

But after lots of 'learning by doing' and plenty of mistakes, this came about :

In general, I'm pleased with how it came together- especially considering I have never built anything in my life and have no power tools other than my own arms. I had really been hoping to back it with bead board, but I was determined to 'use what I have'- which included $25 on a Home Depot gift card that was pretty much wiped out after purchasing the wood and paint.

                                  So anyway, considering it was virtually 'free', I am quite happy- 
though I'm longing to make another while I still remember how, not to mention I have tons of design ideas floating in my head! Who needs a plate rack?!

Have a wonderful weekend full of inspiration!



  1. oh my gosh, jen! that is AMAZING!! i'm so proud of you. seriously! beautiful and i LOVE the color (and that antique crock too - so incredible.) you go girl!! :) lora

  2. That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!
    Great Job, I love it....good for you!!!

    Cindy ♥

  3. And there is your blue-eyed Twister giving his full approval! Beautiful plate rack! Many of my design ideas have come from clipping pictures and keeping them in my "favorite things"'s a good way to remind ourselves of what we love...and encourage inspiration!
    Wonderful job! It looks just like the pictures...but green is very fresh and gives just the right punch of color. Nice!

  4. OH WOW! Well done you clever gal; that's beautiful and handy...great combination. The green crock is such an unusual color. Like you, I'm a green fan and adore your beautiful find.

  5. That turned out spectacular! And you just wait, now that you have tried that, and you did such a good job, you will be itching to try more! That is what happened to me....great job!!


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