Monday, April 9, 2012

~Back from Break and a Winner~

Spring Break and Easter Sunday- 
like a blur they are done for yet another year.
How can we possibly be approaching mid-April already? The month just started!!

We enjoyed our break last week:
headed up north to stay with some friends for a few days and family for a few days more.
Returned home late Friday night and with all the Easter festivities and trips to the grocery store to replenish our empty cupboards I still have endless loads of laundry
to wash and bags and suitcases waiting to be unpacked in the mudroom.

They will have to continue to wait as the sunny weather is finally back and the garden is beckoning me.
There is so much 'spring cleaning' to do out there. Today alone I spent over an hour and a half just cutting up the dead clippings from the butterfly bush that was piled out underneath it all winter.
So nice to have that pile gone . . . so much more to tend to.

And speaking of tending to the garden, I have a 'gardening giveaway' I need to tend to-

 first I really must share the cuteness that took place this afternoon in the rocking chair!
My two fur-boys were happily sharing it together, which is a rare occurrence.
Quinn (below on the right) claimed it as his chair over a year ago and he rarely shares.
In fact, he was curled up in my lap this morning elsewhere when his brother (Twister, the white one)
saw that the rocking chair was unoccupied- so up he went, and just as he was settling Quinn jumps off my lap, flies across the room and attacks his brother out of nowhere . . . it's HIS chair!

However . . . on occasion he is in a sharing mood . . .

Perhaps he is feeling a bit guilty over his assault earlier?

Just look at him! That face says it all, 
" What? Me? Attack my brother? 
What rubbish. I adooore him!
Why, any rocking chair of mine is naturally his as well."

Ahhh . . . sharing is good. It makes the naps that much sweeter!

All right, thank you for indulging me while I gush over my fur-balls. 
I promise it won't happen too often!

On to the giveaway!!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and took a moment to comment- 
I really wish I could send a little something to everyone!

We got really technical on this one:
-ten squares of paper with the numbers 1-10 on them
-one empty cylinder to toss them into

-One assistant (in desperate need of a haircut)

-And one number drawn!

So . . .
 Congratulations to Nancy at Sew Nancy- you are the winner of my little giveaway!
(check out her blog- she makes the cutest clothes for her kids!)

I will be sending out your garden goodies as soon as I can!

I hope everyone is enjoying the springtime (or autumn, depending) and I will be back soon
to share a bit of our spring break.



  1. ahhhh your fur-boys are a delight...they melted my heart x
    So glad you had a lovely break, i hope has done you the world of good.
    congratulations to the very lucky winner.
    have a super lovely week
    love jooles x

  2. I just LOVE the pics of your fur-boyz......wonderful little fellas....


  3. Yeah!

    Thanks so much.
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Those cats are adorable... I've been cutting the dead of winter away too. It feels so good to be outside doing anything in the garden!

  5. oh your fur boys are so cute...It always strikes me as funny that pets "claim" there own, in a humans house. They make me wonder, if they think they are one of us...because they sure act like it.

  6. Love the photos of your cats; they are AAAdorable! Wicked cute as they say up north -smile-.
    Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; you're always welcome and bless you for coming by.


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