Thursday, March 1, 2012

~Welcoming March~

 ~ And here we are in March~

I love this month. There is a certain kind of fresh energy it seems to bring- like a deep breath being slowly sucked in.

I love that it holds the beginning of Spring.- at least it does in my neck of the woods. Each day I can peer out into the garden and see what is coming up next! It's pure anticipation!

And then there's the birthdays- admittedly a sometimes burden in this month, but only if I let it become so.

This is a big month for my little family: my mom's birthday, my dear friend's, my brother-in-law's, my father's, my Youngest's and my mother-in-law's.
And we MUST throw St. Patrick's Day in there, too!
(LOVE green shamrocks!)

I am ever grateful that Easter once again has NOT fallen in the month of March!

So, what did March 1st bring to my home upon awaking?

In like a lion . . .

. . . so I'm counting on it going out like a lamb.

A hearty and warm breakfast was the order of the day.
Oatmeal and Early Grey to set things off right.

Steel cut oats with golden raisins, a sprinkling of brown sugar, sliced bananas, sugared pecans and a splash of cream.

Oh, yes!

Being the first of March, I brought out my "spring" mug for tea . . . it actually ends up staying out for a good portion of the year. It's just that wonderful: pleasing shape and size, perfect fit to warm your hands, and a lid for steeping.


(i missed you mug)

The day whirled by fairly peacefully:

Changed the calendars,
home schooled, cleaned the kitchen,
scrubbed out the kitchen sink (SO needed it),
washed the sweaters (thinking it will be awhile until
they'll need to be packed), disciplined, baked chocolate chip cookies, took out the trash and worked on a project on and off as my neck and back allowed.
( i'll be sharing that another day)
made dinner, consoled a son, and cut another son's hair.

Another day. Oh, the joyous ordinary.
So grateful for the simplicity and peace in it.

I must be in a baking mood because I baked yesterday as well.

Heart-shaped currant scones.

-fresh from the oven, and
ready to be . . .

. . . tucked into a basket (along with some yummy preserves) and ready for

There's nothing like lifting your spirit by surprising someone else and lifting theirs.



  1. those scones look delicious! and how sweet of you to deliver those to a friend. you're right - doing something nice for someone else always makes me feel better, too! :)

  2. ha! i am making some steel cut oats right now for lunch. i couldn't decide on anything to eat and then i thought about oatmeal and with the rain and my current headache it just seemed right.
    happy march

  3. What a wonderfully uplifting post x
    SNOW???? on the first of march?? that is not on!
    you really do have a busy birthday month...have fun
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  4. Yep. snow in March. Happens around here sometimes. Seattle 1960, 52 years ago as my mother went into the hospital to deliver me, it was snowing. When my parents left the hospital a day or so later there was snow on the ground. And now spring can come EARLY. I hereby give it permission! Lovely girl, making heart shaped scones and arranging a scrumptious delivery basket. I hope the recipient's spirits were lifted as much as yours!


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