Saturday, March 10, 2012

~The Gardening Begins~

Spring decided to come early this year.
And I am so fine with that!
While today we woke to rain and cold, this past week has been mild, sunny and quite warm.
What a gift to find my self out in the garden once again . . . cutting back, weeding, cleaning up and dreaming.

There is peace in the cutting back of what is dead . . .

 letting in the sun and air to breathe around what is living and new and growing.
Time to let go of what was and make room for what will be.

I was not left all to myself though . . . I had company. . .
 and he had an hour-long monologue to let out on the subject of how cute/fierce certain
Pokemon happen to be, and why fighting one boss is so lame and another is so 'epic' and his exact 
play-by-play plan on how to win a certain level in Pokemon White the next time he is allowed to play screen.

So- peaceful, but not at all quiet.

Oh, AND he had the camera.
I love his attempt at self portraiture!

And yes, he managed to snap one of me while filling the waste bin. 
I've kept it because the amount of pictures that actually exist of myself is so small that I sometimes wonder if I'm actually around. So, proof that I do exist.
(note: when downloading pictures in the company of your children and you come upon one of yourself, if you happen to be taken off guard when you see it and let out an audible "do I always look that old?" disregard any and all comments afterward.)

And so, here the forsythia is indeed beginning to bloom. 

As are the daffodils.
(and the weeds)

Some sunshine, a few hours, and a smidgen of the garden is ready for spring.
Out with the old, in with the fresh and new!



  1. You sure dress nice for being in the garden!

  2. Wow, you are so lucky! it truly is spring and you have flowers coming up. Here in Calgary that will not happen for a few months yet :) p.s. you most certainly do NOT look old!

  3. i love your new blog header and background! so cheery and happy. :)
    and can i just say - you are GORGEOUS!! seriously, jen - you are beautiful. :)

  4. Oh, what fun it will be to watch it evolve. We started to do some clean up to and I am looking forward to starting some peas and greens this weekend.
    That is a nice photo of you


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