Monday, February 27, 2012

~Tea and Rainbows~

We slept in late this morning . . . not hard to do on a two-hour late start Monday. Especially after a particularly busy weekend. And a sinus headache when the alarm went off.

Sunshine was served along with breakfast.

And the company was nice, too.

This one I hardly ever get to see- yippee for two extra hours!

The sunny day also turned the kitchen into 'Rainbow Land' due to our wonderful little 'disco ball'- named so by the Younger. Whenever it's spun it washes the whole kitchen in twirling rainbow madness . . . and the boys break out their dance moves!

But today, a new game was invented: rainbow catching.

It's all about starting out on the floor with your chosen rainbow in your palm.

Then slowly, as carefully as you can, you stand up and keep your rainbow in your grasp.
You keep going until you are completely standing still holding your rainbow- as long as it never gets away, you win.

It's a very demanding sport, and sure to become a world-wide sensation.

In other 'news'- if it can be called that, my tummy has been aching on and off since Sat. night. I've tried various teas, eating, not eating- nothing other than the grapefruit yesterday afternoon has seemed to help. And I would get more grapefruit, but that would requiring going off to the store- which I'm not up to.

However the happy note is that though standing upright is unpleasant, sitting or stooping are just fine, so . . .
Lots of reading going on in between a few minutes of cleaning here and there.
Most surprising is the amount of gardening I was able to do  . . . crouching down to cut back the dead wood of autumn's garden hasn't bothered the tummy a bit. Good thing too, as we have rain and possible flurries forecasted for the week ahead. And it happens to be 'yard waste day' tomorrow and I am quite happy to have two bins out by the alley-way awaiting a dumping. Been months since I had bins filled.
Alright, off to what 'standing work' I can stand-



  1. Oh that does sound like a good sport!! Hope there is more rainbow catching in your future .. and hope your tummy feels better too.

  2. I'm seriously jealous of your mini-gardening experience!! Hope your tummy gets better - does not sound good at all.

    ps, I just spotted you are Anne Elliot! Hello Anne - I'm Elizabeth Bennett - but I married Mr. Knightley :)


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