Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~Welcoming November~

Already here we are at November 1st.
  Frosty and cold, cold, cold here this morning. Certainly made getting out of bed difficult- especially after a long and late night of wrangling candy from the neighbors. 
My toes were rather numb by the end of the evening and so were the fingers of this 'Jedi kitty' and his wizard friend.
Hurry with the camera and get me to the candy!

As you can probably tell- these were last minute costumes made up from whatever they could find in the dress up box. My eye liner came in handy for 'kitty facial features'. 
These boys were interested in only one thing- candy.
(I'll take candy over girls any day of the week!)

Don't wake the kitty!

So, back to November . . .
Around here, November is Nutella month- it's the only time of year I buy the lovely chocolatey, hazel nutty spread . . .mmmmm, so good on toast with a steaming fresh cup of coffee!
 And yes, that's exactly what I had for breakfast . . . and a snack . . . 

Tea and Snickers

After dropping the Younger off at school this morning (he goes twice a week) I spent some time on much needed housework and school planning.

After tidying up, the sun actually started to shine, so I put the kettle on and had tea and a bit of 'the stash', and cozy-ed up on the couch for one of my favorite November traditions- list making!!

 Holiday-plan-list-making to be exact. I adore making lists of all sorts. Yes, indeed, I was a happy girl munching my chocolate and listing out all the people to send cards to, the craft projects I hope to do, gift ideas for family, baking plans, activities . . . pure excitement!

On the sidewalk

  Since I make as many gifts as I can (which is hard to do with all the 'techno' men in the family) I try to get things going early so I have enough time. Of course, it always seems that I grossly underestimate the amount of time needed, and still find myself up all night at the end.

Our neighbor's tree- isn't it lovely?

 And as much as I love to make things- stressfully trying to finish projects at the last minute doesn't make for an enjoyable season. To be honest, that was last December for me. I bit off more than I could chew- a homemade stocking for my mom, hand painted Christmas cards, caroling party, birthdays, Christmas dinner- it was crazy and I didn't enjoy the season at all.

On the dining-room table

So, I'm being intentional this year- to get more taken care of this month, so I can enjoy the gift of time next month.- I hope!

Wishing you a and warm and cozy November 1st- and come by tomorrow for when we celebrate All Soul's Day and make soul cakes!



  1. Love the tea and snickers! Now you've got me thinking about holiday planning too. ps the November poem is precious :)

  2. What a nice blog with great photos! Your family and your kitties are adorable. Will be stopping by to visit often - found your blog via your comment on Susan Branch's blog. Don't you just love her?!! :-D

  3. What a Happy Jennie day, to be sure! As you can imagine, this Nana's heart is warmed most by the pictures of her Wizard and Jedi Kitty. The tea and chocolate came next. I, too, loved the poem. It made me look up the word 'sedge'. It refers to the marsh grasses in the background of the poem page and not the thorny branches in the foreground. Love, love, LOVE the passed out Jedi kitty!

    So how long were you all Trick or Treating and what kind of haul did the boys make?

  4. your house always looks so beautiful! and welcoming too! i'd love to come over and have a cup of coffee with you (and some snickers, too :))

  5. What a lovely way to welcome November and usher in the Winter Holidays! Thank you!

    I love, love, love sitting and making lists too! And truly they do make all the difference in staying the course and getting things done.

    My brother, who witnesses all too many Christmases during which my Mom tried to get everything done on Christmas Eve, created a Christmas rule in his home! All holiday preparations had to be done by midnight Dec. 23. Those not done were left undone.

    I pushed this back to December 21. Setting that deadline ahead really helps and gives you a day or two or three to relax and enjoy those you love.


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