Thursday, November 10, 2011

All the Autumn's Joy ~Gratitude for Today~

I really believe that Thankfulness should by expressed in all seasons, but with Thanksgiving only two weeks away, November is a time for extra reflection.
And so . . . 

Seven things I'm thankful for today . . .

Morning sunshine that makes the house glow.

A certain furry someone that I happen to know.

A pile of firewood ready for burning.

My first garden pepper- red it is turning!

An outdoor companion while gardening takes place.

Cuddling this boy and kissing his face!

The dreaded 'rag' laundry load, folded and done.

A cup of Earl Grey while I chat with Older son.

And is case you hadn't noticed, I'm quite thankful for this-
A naughty but wonderful kitty named 'Twist'!



  1. So clever, and I NEED to kiss the top of those two kitty heads! Beautiful photos. Your rag drawer is adorable!

  2. beautiful, as always, jenniffer! how do you keep your house so clean?! i'm jealous. :)


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