Monday, October 24, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Mid Autumn Garden ~

Actually had a moment to putter in the garden for a bit this afternoon.
It was the first time out for me since early in the month- thanks to sickness, Husband out of town, and a last minute mad dash to finish painting my birthday boy's bedroom.

Oh, thank you God for gardens!

The sun was out, it hasn't rained for a while so it was dry. I did some cutting back for winter.
With as much as there is to get done out here, it hardly made 1/100th of a dent, but at least it was something. Just so nice to be outside in that wonderful Autumnal mix of sunshine and nippy chill.

I had company of course.

Checked on the veggie garden- this single green-turning-red-pepper is most likely the only harvest that's going to make it this year. Some critter had gotten to the tomatoes.

These were my best surprise of the whole day!
I've never had any before and suddenly- here is a little crop. It always seems to be the things I don't plant that do the best.
I have no idea what kind they are, but aren't they cute?!

I spent a little time pondering where they may have come from, then looked a couple feet over and noticed Twister doing this . . .

Do you think  . . . ?
Well, maybe he's made it a bit more fertile?

Down the path a bit to visit my Gnome. 
He was so happily admiring the bright red leaf I felt I couldn't disturb him.

That leaf came from this tree. Love, love, love this tree. One of only two on the property when we bought it six years ago. We have many more now thanks to all the neighborhood squirrels. Another example of things bursting forth with ambition that were never planted by me.

But this tree is really special. It grows all crookedly and develops these beautiful golden fronds that sort of fan out over the leaves come Fall. Once the leaves are gone, the fronds will stay on the branches for quite a while after. Come winter they look like delicate little feathers frosting the tips of the branches with the tree wearing nothing but frost.

So here is my bounty from around the yard- all set to be pressed between layers of paper towels with Husband's Systematic Theology book on top. And let me tell you, that book would press me quite nicely if I spent a night under it. ;)
I have some crafty plans for these beauties. Now, if I can just get life to slow down a bit so I can get to them. . .


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