Monday, September 26, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Comfort Food ~

Today started out rainy and cozy- our first 'official' rainy day of Fall. Wishing I had baking on the horizon, but as it is well into the afternoon and no dishes or laundry has yet been done and we are on the last roll of t.p. and I have an open house to attend tonight, I believe the homey smells of cookies in the oven will have wait.
However . . .
We did enjoy one of our favorite meals just last night.
This is a beloved family meal always eagerly anticipated once Fall rolls around. 
I adapted it from my most favorite cookbook of all time, written by the wonderful  Susan Branch-

This was my first cookbook- see how much it's been loved?

Susan's original recipe uses pork chops, but as a 'non porker'  I use turkey.

So yesterday evening I tied on an apron, put some George Winston on the c.d. player and made some culinary coziness in the kitchen.

I peeled and boiled the sweet potatoes.

 And peeled the Granny Smith's 
(always going for the one continuous 'peel' but never quite making it)

I fried up the turkey chops, not forgetting to salt and pepper them.

Then after arranging them in a large pan . . .

. . .  sprinkled a plethora of homemade stuffing all over the top.
Dinner was then covered, slipped into a 400 degree oven, and allowed to fill the house with yummy smells for the next hour.

Then just as the sky was darkening, the table was set and the food swiftly enjoyed by all.

Of course, with my family's appetite, the days when a meal of this size and heartiness meant lots of leftovers have now passed. But all the contented sighs of 'fullness' certainly make it worth it!

~ On a side note: Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a little Autumn Giveaway!~


<Edited to add: Check out the comment from my Mom below. You can find the link directly to the recipe there! Thanks Mom~>

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  1. Here is the link to that recipe by Susan Branch:

    I've got to try this. And with us it should last more than one meal - always love that!


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