Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giveaway at Eager Hands!~

In between a couple of projects at the moment- both involve a baby shower I'm co-hosting this Saturday. What is with all the baby girls lately? Not that I'm complaining. Pink doesn't happen much in a household of males.

But the reason I'm popping in is to tell you about a giveaway over at Eager Hands- Lora is a lovely woman, with a lovely Etsy shop and she is celebrating her 1,000 th sale! She's giving away a really sweet necklace with the words 'blessed' and 'thankful' on it. So go on over and check out her blog and her shop!

Okay- back to sewing and cutting. And hopefully more posts if I can find time to upload more photos from our trip. Have a fabulous day! :)


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